In this unit, we will be researching the topic of abortion and Americans' perceptions of it.

Debate Question

Should abortion be a legal option for terminating pregnancies that do not involve rape, incest, or when a mother’s life is in danger?

Step 1 - Background

Read the background essay on ProCon.org.

Reflect: What questions do you have at this point?

Step 2 - Pro and Con arguments

Review the Pro and Con arguments list.

Reflect: Which arguments do you find most persuasive? (Record them.)

Step 3 - Quotes

What have other people said about the topic in the past?

Reflect: Were there any specific quotes that were particularly persuasive? (Record them.)

Step 4 - Videos

Select and watch at least two videos about abortion.

Reflect: How do other people deal with this controversial issue?

Step 5 - Decide

After reviewing the evidence, write a position statement.

1. What do you believe?
2. Why do you believe it?
3. What arguments support your belief?

Step 6 - Anticipate Counter-Arguments

Make a T-chart like the one below.

Arguments Against My Position

Step 7 - Formulate an Opening Statement