Assignment 5.3: Seattle World's Fair

1. Describe the purpose of the Century 21 Exposition held in Seattle in 1962.
The fair was originally meant to mark the 50th anniversary of the A-Y-P-E, but needed a more popular theme. Futuristic science was "in" at that time, and it was decided that science and technology of the 21st century would be the basis of the fair. The fair had hundreds of exhibits that gave a sneak peak of technologies being developed and predicted that would be present in the 21st century.
2. Imagine you were in Seattle in 1962: What fair-related events, celebrities, or happenings would people on the street be talking about?
The building of the space needle was evident, and many citizens had speculations as to what it could be. Word was that JFK was going to be there to start the fair (he was actually on holiday and started it by sending a telegraph), and even Elvis. Walt Disney even made an appearance, along with many other celebrities including John Wayne, Jack Lemmon, and Bobby Kennedy. Prince Philip of England even came to see. There was a display people were talking about called "The Million Dollar Display" It would contain exactly 1,000,000 silver dollars! There was even an amusement park that boasted 19 rides.

3. Did the Century 21 Exposition accurately predict the world of the 21st century? To support your claim, provide side-by-side evidence (artifact from the fair, artifact from today) to substantiate your claim. Identify at least 5 predictions and provide paired evidence.