Current Events by Week

Each week has its own current events page. You must post your article here to receive credit. Plan ahead. Technical difficulties are not acceptable.

How to do Current Events

Each week, you will contribute two current events to our class list. For each article, you must include the following four elements.

  1. Article Title
  2. Link
  3. Topic
  4. 50-60 word summary of the article.

How do I pick my articles?

One of your current events must relate to a topic we have already discussed in class. You must mark each current event with a one or two word description of what it relates to (Race in America, Foreign Policy [Syria], Education, Poverty, etc.).

One of your current events is a personal choice. You must be able to explain how it relates to the course. Don't select something that isn't relevant to contemporary America. A good article is relevant to you and you think that it would be meaningful to others as well.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

  • An article summary should be your own words. It should represent the main events and ideas of the article.
  • You do not need to shorten the URL if you are posting them online.
  • You can copy and paste the article title.

For Mr. G: Current Events List Template