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This required course for seniors examines critical issues confronting our American society today. A portion of class time is devoted to discussing current events in the news. Independent research on chosen topics is also required for each class member. The purpose of the course is to prepare the student to be a contributing member of our society able to participate in our country’s political, social and economic decision.

Course Schedule

The course schedule will be determined by both current events and student input.

Topic 1: Resolved: The United States should engage in limited military strikes against Syria in order to enforce the international norm on the use of chemical weapons.

Topic 2: Race in America

Topic 3: Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling

Topic 4: Education in America

Something Lighter: The American Political Spectrum

Topic 6: Income Inequality and Poverty

Quick Activity: Food Drive Letter

Timeout: Typhoon Haiyan

Topic 7: Abortion [Debate]

1/6/14: Long Reads 2013

Topic 8: Privacy and You

Current Events

Topic Queue

These are topics students have brought up that may be incorporated into the course.

  • Poverty/Income Inequality
  • Political Polarization
  • Privacy

These are topics Mr. Gessaman is considering.

Fun Stuff


  • Liberty
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Rights
  • Ethics


  • Environmental Issues
  • Human Rights
  • Globalization and the Economy
  • Civic Action and Responsibility

Potential Topics and Resources