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The shutdown-showdown postmortem: What changed in Washington and what didn’t
Topic: Government Shutdown
After 16 days of government shutdown, several things changed about our government, but some things stayed the same. One of the biggest changes is the way the Republicans feel about how they handled the situation, "The one number you need to know? In a Washington Post-ABC News poll last week, 47 percent of self-identified Republicans disapproved of how their party was handling the shutdown." Another thing that changed was Obama, it's been said that he has issues with putting passion and emotion into his speeches, but in his Thursday speech after the shutdown ended, America saw his frustration and how he is "fed up with the way politics is practiced in Washington".

Same-sex marriages begin in New Jersey; Christie drops appeal
Topic: Same-sex marriage
As of Monday, New Jersey has become the 14th state to allow same-sex marriage. After Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled that denying same-sex marriage unconstitutional in late September, Gov. Chris Christie's administration vetoed the bill, but just recently dropped the appeal because New Jersey Democrats were hinting that they were getting close to the number of votes needed to override Christie's veto. "In Newark, Mayor Cory Booker presided over nine weddings that began just after midnight."

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How much did the shutdown cost the economy?
Topic: Government shutdown
The estimated cost of the government shutdown is $24,000,000,000. That’s a lot of money! S&P estimated the government shutdown costed the economy $23,000,000,000. The government shutdown of 1996 costed an estimated of $2,100,000,000 in today’s currency. National parks lost an estimated cost of $450,000 from the government shut down. And last traveling took a big hit finically too losing an estimated amount of $2,400,000,000. As you can see the government shutdown costed the economy quite a bit of money.

Apple Targets Microsoft Office With Free Apps

Apple inc. Made all their iWork apps free for iOS and mac. with online syncing feature. Which Apple said cost $99 a year through Microsoft. Apple also made their mac os operating system "mavericks" free as well compared to Microsoft's windows 8 which is $199. Apple also came out with two new iPads, iPad air, and the iPad mini with retina display. To compete with the Microsoft surface 2.

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Shutdown Will Hinder True Gauge of U.S. Economy
Topic: Government Shutdown
Experts who track statistics on unemployment and job creation say that due to the government shutdown, figures will be skewed in the months of October and November. Because of this, economists are having to come up with new ways to watch the economy’s strength.

Language-Gap Study Bolsters a Push for Pre-K
Topic: Education
Studies have found that children under the age of three with wealthier parent are exposed to millions of more words than less educated parents. This causes a distinct advantage in the school system for wealthier children. The children ear 30% more words than children who are from poor families.

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Rollout problems hand GOP a new line of attack on Obama's health care law
“Obamacare” made it through the shutdown unharmed, but Republicans are looking for any and all faults to the new healthcare law. The first open enrollment system has halted the website, and has been left unfixed for three weeks, limiting enrollment into new healthcare plans and skewing enrollment data. Republicans hope to highlight this and other problems in the 2014 Congressional election.

Some Wary as Lobstermen Unite
The lobster industry has difficult times ahead, with lobster prices at a 40-year low and business costs on the rise. Lobstermen were concerned with their independent business’ well-being, so they are looking to join in a machinists’ union. Some lobstermen are against the merge, but the machinists’ union has strong ties to other valuable industries and provides security to lobstermen.

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Contrary to claims, George Washington considers financial need in admissions
George Washington University is now saying they consider the financial need of some applicants during the final stages of choosing they're incoming classes. The student newspaper at GWU published an article which cited evidence that the university had characterized its admissions policies as "need-blind" meaning they would decide to admit applicants entirely on their qualifications, without factoring in any financial background.

Three more states could legalize gay marriage by year’s end
Activists on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate rallied in Springfield, Illinois on Tuesday as legislators kicked off a 3 day session discussing a same-sex marriage bill. On Wednesday lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union and county clerks will argue for same-sex marriage before the New Mexico Supreme Court. And on Monday Hawaiian legislators will return for a special session for the exclusive purpose of passing a same-sex marriage bill. If Illinois and Hawaii pass the marriage bills, most states with Democratic-controlled legislatures will have acted.

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parents fear on moving there child to a secondary school is weather or not they will do good. 33% of parents out of 1000 are worried that their child will be bullied. but for the student his/herself being bullied was the least of their worries. making friends was at the top being 33% and doing well in school at 24%. secondary school worries parents by 27% alcohol, and 40% trying drugs. at least 293 children aging from 11 to 18 were admitted to the hospital from alcohol. parents need to watch over their children. its not only bullying they need to be worried about.
Ed Murray agrees with Mayor Mike McGinn on opposition to coal trains rolling through the city. He’s against the trains, which coal opponents say would disrupt traffic and send coal dust spraying into air and water, in addition to abetting global climate change. he has moved this issue to the top of his campaign. The McGinn campaign wasn’t buying Murray’s message, continuing to suggest he’d be soft on coal. “I think he (Murray) will say he’s against coal trains and do absolutely nothing to stop them,” McGinn campaign consultant John Wyble said in an email.

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Christie Withdraws Appeal of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling in New Jersey
fifteen states ( including District of Columbia ) allow same-sex marriage. A judge in New Jersey ruled that the state of New Jersey must allow
same-sex marriages. By doing so, it would give the same benefits to the homosexual couples that heterosexual couples have.
The Supreme Court declared that homosexual couples and heterosexual couples have the same benefits.

A user's guide: 20 things to know about the Affordable Care Act
(Will write summary later. )

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Shutdown has ended but alternative to next potential crisis remains elusive
"shutdown" Basically the government turned back on merely hours before we hit economic destruction. alas, our government has no real plan to prevent a sequel of the shutdown. we will have enough money to keep the government on till January 15th and we will reach our debt ceiling again by February 7th. some politicians believe that the American people will not stand for a shutdown to happen again and it might bring some chaos.
Medical-pot sellers fear being ‘thrown under bus’
Medical Cannabis Dispensary Operators are scared, recreational use of marijuana will destroy the Medical Marijuana industry, the government want to put heavy taxes on every part of the marijuana industry now that Washington has legalized the use of marijuana if you are over 21. Dispensary owners are concerned that the state government will put lots of restrictions on every aspect of pot like how much you can have, how much it will cost, will the feds keep trying to put pressure on wellness centers. we will see.

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Federal Way man dies in crash on Highway 2
Fatal car crash on highway 2, Saturday, October 19th. 22-year old man died on the scene of the accident. Three older aged men were sent to harbor view in intense condition. Also, a pregnant 22-year old was sent to Colby hospital in critical condition, her status now is unknown. The man driving the Mercedes made an illegal pass on highway 2, causing a head on collision with a Ford truck in the oncoming traffic.

Teacher dies, 2 boys hurt in Nev. school shooting
In Sparks, Nevada a middle school student opened fire on campus just before the starting bell on Monday. 20-30 middle school students witnessed the tragedy. The gunman was found dead, and it was unclear whether or not the shooter committed suicide. 150-200 police men surrounded the school. 45-year old, Math teacher, Michael Landsberry was killed. And two young boys were injured. The motive for the shooting is still unknown. The middle school will remain closed for the rest of the week.

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Lobbyists Ready for a New Fight on U.S. Spending
Federal Budget

The fight over federal money has just begun. Cuts will be made immediately in the Military and Medicare. Republicans are determined to mitigate cuts by spreading them across several programs including education. Several corporations are campaigning to persuade Congress. Republicans are not backing down on the sequestration legislation passed in 2011 which is sure to create conflict once again between both parties.
After Misuse, a Push for Tutoring

The No Child Left Behind Act has had few success stories. In Texas the program has been suspended due to fraud. The tutoring companies are pushing for the reauthorization of the act but some fear it would be a waste of federal funding. The issue at hand is whether to cut the program completely or re-instate it into law.

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Fear Vs Radiation:The Mismatch
Topic: Radiation , Cambridge Massachusetts
Earlier this month in Cambridge Massachusetts 6 workers were exposed to radioactive water on the plant. We all fear the knowledge of coming in contact with radiation. Although the odds of these people from coming in contact with radioactive water to get cancer is very unlikely. Coming in contact with radioactive water puts you more at risk to gain some illness , but you would need to be drinking a lot of this water . The fear of knowing you had radioactive water beats the fact of radiation itself.

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Obama to address health care problems; president said to find glitches unacceptable
Topic: Obamacare
The website that people are supposed to go on to sign up for Obama care is having technical glitches. Users have to file an application before they can enroll and find out if they are eligible for government subsidies but they can’t because the website they apply on is not working. They are adding more staff to call centers where people call to apply for insurance to try and help people apply while the system is down. Approximately 19 million people have visited since October 1st. They blame the large amount of users on the white screens, they also have discovered some software problems. They are going to bring in technology experts from inside and outside of the government to help figure out what’s going on.

Skateboarder injured and trapped after smashing van window
Topic: Pedestrain trapped under a van
Using a skateboard a pedestrian attacked a man’s blue minivan while he was at a stop light. The man claims the pedestrian was yelling racial slurs at him, and then the pedestrian shattered the windshield. The man driving the minivan then proceeded to drive and he ran the pedestrian over and trapped him under the minivan. Bystanders then lifted up the minivan to free the pedestrian. The pedestrian is now at Harborview Medical Center and the incident is being further investigated.

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Strike threatened at Puget-area grocery stores
Topic; Grocery workers go on strike
21,00 grocery workers are planning to strike at 7pm Monday if they don't reach an agreement on the labor contract with their employers. The strike could effect QFC, Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyers. This strike will effect many counties including Snohomish county. The issue workers are having is with holiday pay, Health care benefits, and wages. the last grocery strike was in 1989 and lasted almost 3 months.

Contractors See Weeks of Work on Health Site
Topic; Government has problems with online insurance plans
Federal contractors are finding the problems that are messing up Obamas online health insurance. Obama wants contractors to reboot the system before November 1st but the contractors think that's crazy. The contractors say it is an unrealistic date and to fix all the problems and have everything run smoothly it would take until December 15th. Just in time for people to sign up for coverage in January. People have already signed up for this insurance. Insurers have found that the system provides them with incorrect information about some enrollees, repeatedly enrolls and cancels the enrollments of others, and simply loses the enrollments of still others.

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Shutdown has ended but alternative to next potential crisis elusive
The government made a deal that avenged the spending to pay the bills through Feb 7.Also the deal goes to the landmarks budget through Jan 15. Repersitives say there is no way to avoid the threat of another government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of workers we sent home and the national parks were barricaded so no one could get in.

Raising the G.E.D. Bar Stirs Concern for Students
The GED is going to get harder and more expensive to get and less people will take the test and pass it. 700,000 people take the test and about 70% passes. The GED is going to be graded in two ways. Also the test will be based on 60% of what high seniors should know.95% of people who pass the test go to a community college.

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The Time for Immigration Reform is Now
"The laws governing the immigration system aren’t working. The system is broken.” - Bush 2013
This article relates to race in America and focuses on why we need to reform our immigration laws. If we don't buckle down and try to solve some of these issues now, our immigration law reformation will be pushed off until 2015 or later. Even though a bipartisan immigration reform bill passed 68-32 in the Senate in June, the immigration reform debates were much more divisive in the House of Representatives. Also, we got distracted by Syria and whether or not we should go to war. But, this article argues that some change is better than none at all, so they should try to pass this bill and work from there so that the people are somewhat taken care of in the mean time.

Western Wash. grocery workers edging closer to strike
If by Monday tonight (7 pm) they don't come to a conclusion there will be strike in many local grocery stores.
The stores under the strike alert include all Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertson's and QFC stores in King, Pierce, Snohomish, Mason, Thurston and Kitsap counties. They want better pay, health benefits, and holiday pay. If they don't get what they are asking for by tonight (21st), then there will be a strike among the communities.

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McConnell: ‘There Will Not Be Another Government Shutdown’

The Republicans are on the rebound after the 16 day government shutdown. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky reassured on CBS’s Face the Nation that there would not be a reoccurrence of the government shutting down. However, Ted Cruz continues to accuse and point fingers at the republicans that seem to make their political party look like a put-on.

Medical marijuana activists fear for their industry in Washington state

Recreational Marijuana Businesses are being put under the regulations of I-502 (apply for a medical marijuana license). Steve Sarich, the leader of the Cannabis Action Coalition, claims that “ The government is trying to control medical marijuana and load (those businesses) onto the Titanic that is 502 (licensing) and set it asail.” Medical dispensaries that have been in business since 2011 would now have to comply with the new regulations (if medical marijuana were subject to the same rules as recreational license.

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Weak Job Gains May Cause Delay in Action by Fed

The slow employment increasing affects government shutdown to a higher degree. The Labor Department reported that the development of economy only added about 148000 jobs in September, but government shutdown have already resulted in hundreds of thousands of furloughs.

Apple Targets Microsoft Office With Free Apps