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Title: Suicide Ends Long Night of Chaos Inside New Jersey Mall

Topic: A suicide in a mall

Mr. Shoop, 20, was carrying a weapon that was modified to look like an AK-47 assault rifle, the authorities said. He was wearing a black motorcycle helmet and was clad in black. He fired a shot and everyone hid and ran. From the time he entered the mall around 9 p.m. until he shot and killed himself in a secluded part of the 2.1-million-square-foot complex, he had “ample opportunity” to cause bloodshed, but he chose not to. It was not clear why Mr. Shoop chose to carry out his suicide in such a public fashion, but friends and law enforcement officials said that he had struggled with depression recently and had issues with drug abuse.

Title: Chris Christie Coasts to 2nd Term as Governor of New Jersey

Topic: Christie won reelection

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey won re-election by a crushing margin on Tuesday, a victory that vaulted him to the front ranks of Republican presidential contenders and made him his party’s foremost proponent of pragmatism over ideology. Mr. Christie said that his win should be a lesson for the nation’s broken political system and his feuding party: In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 700,000, Mr. Christie won a majority of the votes of women and Hispanics and made impressive inroads among younger voters and blacks — groups that Republicans nationally have struggled to attract.

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Title: Chinese students paying to get into U.S. high schools
Topic: Education
Next fall at Yosemite High School in California, 25 students from China could be paying up to $10,000 or more in tuition for a public education. With the money they're paying, the school can help support programs that were cut or close to being cut. The number of tuition paying students nationwide has jumped from just a few hundred to nearly 3,000 last year. The problem we are starting to face is that school's will become so excited and focused on the money they're earning, that they won't be as focused on providing the international students what they came here for: a quality education and experience.

Title: Slain LAX TSA officer remembered as a family man
Topic: Security
LAX TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez was shot and killed on the job on Friday, Nov 1. Paul Ciancia walked into the terminal, pulled an AR-15 rifle out of his duffle bag and began shooting at TSA officers. 2 others were injured but Hernandez didn't make it. Born in El Salvador, Hernandez's family described him "as a family man who constantly smiled at travelers passing through the Los Angeles airport."

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BlackBerry Abandons Effort to Sell Itself; C.E.O. to Step Down

The CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins today, on Monday November 4th 2013, has left blackberry as CEO. Thorsten's reasoning for leaving is because, the main share Fairfax Financial Holdings, decided to no longer buy blackberry and make them a private company. BlackBerry Limited(BlackBerry Ltd) stocks went down 12% after the company's horrifying news.

SAC Capital Agrees to Plead Guilty to Insider Trading

wealth inequality

SAC Capital Advisors has agreed to plead guilty to insider trading violations and pay a record $1.2 billion penalty, becoming the first large Wall Street firm in a generation to confess to criminal conduct. The move caps a decade-long investigation that turned a once mighty hedge fund into a symbol of financial wrongdoing.
which makes the market unfair for the middle class for stock investing.

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Title: Not many teachers can be evaluated using state test scores
Topic: Education
School districts across Washington state are evaluating teachers and principals more rigorously now. They are using a four-level scale, including student academic growth as a significant part of evaluations. Something alarming to note is that only 16% of the material taught by teachers shows up on state tests.

Title: Syria government vows to vaccinate all children
Topic: Syria
The Syrian government has vowed that all children in Syria will be vaccinated after cases of polio emerged in northeast Syria. The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad will cooperate with U.N. agencies and aid groups to reach children. This is the first report of a polio outbreak in 14 years.

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Title: Sea Change: Can sea life adapt?
Topic: Ocean Acidification
As fossil fuel emissions increase, they more noticeably affect sea life. Ocean acidification poses a huge threat to sea life on the bottom of the food chain. Scientists have been actively working to predict the outcome of exposing sea life to high acidification, and many marine biologists are currently focusing their research on how acidification is affecting sea urchins.

Title:'That's as Bad as It Gets'
Topic: Sports/Education
Carroll Academy is a one-hall school in the wing of a former hospital designated to be a "catch basin for teenagers slipping through society's cracks." Carroll county (and it's neighbors) suffer high unemployment rates, and (coincidentally), many cases of drug addiction. The Lady Jaguars, the basketball team of Carroll Academy, has served as a refuge from difficult home lives and helps deter at-risk teenagers from making poor life choices
(3 girls' success/failure stories are told).

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More than 1,500 flights and 167,050 passengers have been affected by Friday’s shooting at LA's international airport. once the people heard the sounds of the shooting they scattered leaving everything on the floor. the shooting lasted for less than 10 minutes but everybody was traumatized for hours. Ciancia was wounded in a brief gun battle, arrested and taken to a hospital where he remained in critical condition as of Saturday morning.

we are now 8-1 after beating tampa yesterday. once golden tate got put back in the second half that's when things started to look up. it was a tie towards the end of the game. so we went into over time and we scored a field goal almost imminently. it was then 27-24. we are the best football team this year and we went against the worst team yet. they almost beat us. that just means we cant go easy, we have to give it our all all the time. go seahawks!

Katie K.

Title: Welcomed With Kisses, Stanford Freshmen Risk the ‘Kissing Disease’
Topic: Health
With a growing new tradition, all the students that attend Stanford all go to one place and give all of the Freshmen kisses. With the school board trying to keep everyone safe, they give tips to staying safe during this day of kissing. Some people get over 100 kisses from strangers and so the school leaves a couple tables out around the campus full of mints, condoms, and so on. They advise everyone not to brush or floss their teeth, saying students can get sick that way. Easier for the virus if the other person has it, to spread faster to the other.

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Under Health Care Act, Millions Eligible for Free Policies
Millions of people could qualify for federal subsidies that will pay the entire monthly cost of some health care plans being offered in the online marketplaces set up under President Obama’s health care law. insurers are trying to make health costs free or almost completely free. they are calling the policies that make the health care cheaper "bronze policies"

MDMA’s promise of a risk-free high is what makes it so dangerous
MDMA also known as Molly, is a dangerous drug. studies show that 10% of young people are addicted to it cause they don't think there are any real consequences of taking the drug. what the young people do not know is that MDMA is a killer, they do not account for all the other drugs that go into the MDMA such as methanphedimene, ketamine, cocaine, heroine, caffeine pills and here's a big one, bath salts.
And even if the drug is largely MDMA, there are risks associated with that too, like severe dehydration and elevated heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. people just go to parties or raves and over heat and die.

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Title: Trial of Egypt's Morsi adjourned
Topic: National Relations
November 4th was the day that Muslim Brotherhood member and ex president of Egypt was supposed to be tried for multiple murders or protesters last December. According to Aljeezera, Morsi has been uncooperative with the courts, and defending himself as opposed to being represented by a lawyer. Morsi refused to wear what is being called the "white boiler suit" because he is in denial of being a defendant. Tight security was held around the courthouse to try and stop riots supported by the Muslim Brotherhood. Trial was Adjourned until January 8th. Since his over throw on July 3rd the United States has cut funding to Egypt, and Ex-President Morsi has been hidden from the public.

Title: John Kerry praises US-Saudi ties as 'enduring'
Topic: National Relations about Syria
U.S Secretary of State John Kerry stopped on his 9 day tour across the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. Kerry announced Saudi Arabia as a "senior player" in the Middle East. Both the United States and Saudi Arabia agreed on issues about Syria and conversed about Americas new alliance with Iran over nuclear weapons.

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Women behind bars: State takes a new approach

Gig Harbor- When Jeannette Murphy first stepped onto the grounds of the Washington Corrections Center for Women 30 years ago, she recalls encountering tennis courts and what she terms the “patty-cake” treatment of inmates by prison staff. Murphy imprisoned for killing her parents in Thurston County, said inmates were treated more like troubled girls than convicts, even those like her who were doing lengthy stretches for murder. Now, with the growth of female inmates outpacing that of males and no space to house them, the state Department of Corrections (DOC) is shifting to more gender-specific treatment of incarcerated women. The changes range from simple — access to a fruity-smelling shampoo and better-fitting clothing, and special bras for inmates who've had mastectomies — to more substantive, such as greater focus on substance abuse and mental-health counseling.

How nature might — or might not — adapt to ocean acidification, scientists turn to the prickly “hedgehog of the sea.”
The oceans are absorbing a quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted by burning coal, oil and natural gas. That, researchers say, is causing sea chemistry to change faster than it has for tens of millions of years. Which plants and animals can accommodate these more corrosive seas — and for how long — will depend on many factors, from where they live to their population sizes to the depth of stress they face from other forces, such as warming temperatures and pollution. Survival will vary species by species. Not everything will make it.

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Taking care of health, tax dollars

people who struggle with mental illnesses are more often at risk themselves than a risk to others, but we don't seem able to find ways to deal with mental illness. They ran a study at Duke University caught it suggested an approach that lowers arrest rates and saves public money, while benefiting people who have severe mental illness. Researchers studied a New York program, "Assisted Outpatient Commitment," it saved money and provided positive treatment. Researchers estimate delayed aging would mean 11.7 million more healthy adults over age 65 in 2060 than there would be without investment in achieving delayed aging.

Power companies expect end to outages by Sunday night

There are still power outages in King and Snohomish counties after the Saturday wind storm knocked down many trees and branches and made thousands loose power. 9,500 Puget Sound Energy customers are still without power but should have it back on by at least by 10 p.m. this tonight. The customers lost power Saturday morning. Seattle City Light has 1,900 customers without power throughout its service area, said Mark Van Oss. There are less than 1,000 Snohomish County PUD customers still out of power. Company employee, Neil Neroutsos said crews will be working throughout the day to restore power.

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Colorado Is Asking Taxpayers for $1 Billion to Help Schools
Topic: Education
"Students take classes in a bus garage, using plastic sheeting to keep the diesel fumes at bay". This is the shocking reality for a poor school district in Denver, Colorado. The gap between the wealthier neighborhood schools has made it very difficult for the poor neighborhood children to keep up. Tuesday Colorado will put it all on the line asking voters to pass a $1 billion dollar tax increase. The amendment will require 43% of taxes to go towards education. Making all day kindergarten mandatory and have funds set aside for children with learning disabilities. If the amendment is not passes these districts will be forced to make even more budget cuts.

Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies
Topic: Environment
The recent climate changes pose a great threat to our food supply. Overall scientists have concluded that the change in temperature will make it difficult for crops to thrive. These warnings came from a leaked article by the United Nations that also warns that the cause is human emissions of greenhouse gases. The article also warns that many animals may become extinct as the race for survival begins. The article also proposes that there is still time to turn everything around,

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Title:Pump for Reactor Stops in Japan
Topic: Nuclear pump stops for japans nuclear machine
in japan , a nuclear pump is destroyed. The cause of this was a hurricane / tsunami in which knocked out the cooling system. The impact caused a huge explosions of which destroyed the reactor buildings.The pump that stopped on Monday was in a makeshift cooling system that dumps hundreds of tons of water daily onto the three damaged reactor cores. Tepco said " the shutdown might have been due to a faulty electric switchboard, a problem that halted the cooling systems before".

Title: I-522 trails in all but 4 counties
Topic: I-522 is a no go
in Washington I-522 is not going to be passed. 45 percent to 55 percent is persuading it to be rejected. I am shocked that our state as well as others wouldn't like to know what is in their foods. the no side to tis must have put on an amazing campaign because it makes no sense why people wouldn't want to know what's in their processed foods. Although there is still 300,000 votes to still be counted.

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Title: Canceled health insurance plans add to angst of change
Topic: Health Care
Many people with insurance coverage from Regence BlueShield, Group Health Cooperative, and LifeWise Health Plan have gotten a letter stating that their coverage plans are being canceled. The affordable care act requires limits on how much money patients spend in out of pocket medical expenses and they must cover 10 essential benefits such as prescription drugs and maternity care. Those health insurance plans that don’t do that are the ones being canceled.
Title: Women behind bars: State takes a new approach
Topic: Women behind bars
Many women who were placed in prison were treated exactly like their male inmates were but now with the increasing numbers of woman being imprisoned and prisons not having the space for them the state has created a “Gender Responsiveness Action Plan”. Woman now have access to better fitting clothes and fruity shampoo. Men are incarcerated because of criminal thinking and woman are incarcerated because of social influences and abuse and the state feels that they need to help them cope with their issues now.

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Title: Fixing the System
Topic: The American Political system
In Australia, people are fined for not voting, and in America, people can be jailed for skipping jury duty, but there is no penalty for not voting. a lot of people aren't able to vote because the November elections are on a Tuesday. Chris Rock has said, "They don't wan't you to vote, if the did, they wouldn't have it on a Tuesday."
Many experts, and A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute says that congressional term limits will have more negative consequences than benefits.
California is taking a step to end gerrymandering by having a fourteen person commission made up up of five Democrats, five Republicans, and four people without a decided group.
The authors ideal plan to fix the system for elections is to Move election days to the weekends, enforce term limits, have open primaries, end gerrymandering, and to bring back the small donor.

Title: Pesticides Linked to Endometriosis
Topic: Health
Summary: Women have a thirty to seventy percent increase for endometriosis (the presence of endometrium in areas on the lining of the uterus, as on the ovaries, resulting in premenstrual pain) when they have come in contact with Mirex and Beta HCH that used to be used frequently used in some fish and dairy products. "...the chemicals have been shown to interfere with normal estrogen action in animal and tissue studies..."

Shelby S.

Title; Chinese students paying to get into U.S. high schools
Topic; Education

In Los Angeles at Yosemite High school, they are taking foreign exchange students who pay tuition to go to school here. This happened because the another high school was placed next to Yosemite High school, students started transferring and the school revenue went way down, They went from 6 wood shops to 3. Taking foreign exchange students who pay tuition help the school stay afloat and the students say they enjoy the fresh air and elbow room. This is also taking place in New York. China parents are eager to send their children to the west to be taught because it is less competition. It also helps our education be more diverse.

Title; Pilot accused of groping teenage girl on flight
Topic; News

In Salt Lake City a pilot is facing charges for touching a 14 year olds butt. He says he fell asleep and has no idea how his hand ended up under her butt. The pilot was actually a passenger on this flight and works for delta airlines. He is sticking to his story that he doesn't know how his hand got there. The young girl said she put the arm rest down and when she woke up, the arm rest was up. Pascal (the pilot, Accused) Said he put it up because the man sitting net to him was taking up a lot of room. His court date is in federal court on Thursday.

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Food stamp cuts will hurt families still trying to recover from recession, advocates say
The foods stamps for the poor people were cut on Friday. single parents run out of money before end of the month any ways. so to cut the food stamps will not help poor families.14% of all americans are on food stamps and it cost tax payers 75 billion dollars a year.

Poll: Obamacare finally gets real for America
So the people are wondering if there will go to jail if they don't buy insurance because no one will sell it to them. Also people have already have started to lose their coverage they already had. One problem is the only 250000 people have sign up for Medicare in 26 states that's not very much at all.

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"Top Hospitals Opt Out of Obamacare"

Many hospitals throughout the US are not accepting a lot of providers with "obamacare".

"Plane skids in Chicago"

The front nose gear of a plane skidded off the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Wednesday as heavy rain continues to drench the area.

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Government shutdown obscures economic picture

The Government labor data is now taking affect with the 450,000 federal workers who had been furloughed during the 16 day government shutdown. The Payroll numbers that come out on Friday for these employees that returned to work last month, who in fact are counted as the unemployed for October, are expected to be unpleasant. The nation's economic health is in a steep decline due to the distortions from the government shutdown.

Killing molly myths: Euphoric drug often isn't pure, and it can be deadly

Studies show that teens are more comfortable about what drugs they are using; showing no fear in the great risk in MDMA (molly/ecstasy). Experts say that despite these rumors of purity in MDMA, the drug continues to be mixed with toxic contaminants. Users of this drug often come into hospitals with high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, seizures, agitation and signs of psychosis.

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