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Title:US Provides $20 Mln Emergency Aid for Philippines

The United States said that it would be sending 20 million dollars in aid for the people of the Philippines. The U.S. Agency for International Development said that aid will be used for provision of emergency shelter, food, relief commodities, and water and sanitation. The United States is sending over food, bottled water, and generators for the Philippines who are left homeless. On Monday a plane that had supplies on it was flying to the Philippine capital. It is feared that thousands are dead and tens of thousands are going to be left homeless.

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Title: NY Woman says 15-year-old grandson was defending her when fatally shot by intruders last week
Topic: Compassion
Two armed men forced their way into Pearl William's home on November 6th and grandson TySean rushed to jump in front of his grandma and was fatally shot. TySean was showing compassion by putting himself in danger to protect someone he loved even if it meant being shot.

Title: Of Course Snapchat could be worth $3 billion
Topic: Social Media/Technology
Recently, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Snapchat serves about "350 million snaps per day". As long as they continue to attract large amounts of users, they wont have any issue in bringing in a large revenue.

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BlackBerry Abandons Effort to Sell Itself; C.E.O. to Step Down
The CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins today, on Monday November 4th 2013, has left blackberry as CEO. Thorsten's reasoning for leaving is because, the main share Fairfax Financial Holdings, decided to no longer buy blackberry and make them a private company. BlackBerry Limited(BlackBerry Ltd) stocks went down 12% after the company's horrifying news.

SAC Capital Agrees to Plead Guilty to Insider Trading
Topic: wealth inequality
SAC Capital Advisors has agreed to plead guilty to insider trading violations and pay a record $1.2 billion penalty, becoming the first large Wall Street firm in a generation to confess to criminal conduct. The move caps a decade-long investigation that turned a once mighty hedge fund into a symbol of financial wrongdoing.
which makes the market unfair for the middle class for stock investing.

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Title: Fast-Paced Evolution in the Andes
Topic: Science
A place known as Páramos in the Andes mountains is found to be an excelled evolution ecosystem. It is about the size of Maryland and is home to 3,431 species of vascular plants. It was eventually found to be the fastest growing ecosystem on Earth.

Title: Mayor of Typhoon-Ravaged City Urges Residents to Flee
Topic: Compassion (Typhoon)
The mayor of the city of Tacloban is telling its citizens to flee due to absolute loss of control. Also too little food and water was getting to the people for numerous reasons. One being grocery stores have had either their owners die in the typhoon or shut the store down due to looting. The mayor also is having to make a hard decision between burials or relief goods.

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Title: Aid operations pick up pace in Philippines
Topic: Philippenes
Although relief efforts are not quite reaching the hardest hit areas, aid has picked up as of Wednesday. According to aviation authorities, two more airports have opened, making relief efforts more accessible. Antibiotics and anesthetics were available for the first time as of Tuesday, and makeshift clinics are saving lives with new medicine that arrives. Functioning airports are facing large volumes of people simply trying to survive, which poses a threat to airport security since populations often act irrationally in life-or-death situations.

Title: Only 40,000 have reportedly signed up on HealthCare.gov
Topic: Healthcare
Six weeks have passed since the opening of the federal healthcare marketplace, and reports claim that only 40,000 have signed up for healthcare plans.This number is a tiny fraction of the projected amount, as enrollment was open to 36 states. The 40,000 did not include Medicaid sign-ups - reports claim that "at least 440,000 people have signed up for Medicaid through the health-care initiative." Also, "budget forecasters have projected that in 2014 there will be a much more even balance between private insurance and Medicaid participants."

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US Marines land in Philippines as official death toll rises
A typhoon hit the Philippines and killed an estimated 10000 people across the country. On Monday the U.S Marines dropped into the Philippines to provide the homeless and devastated with food and water to help them. The Marines brought the first supplies to the Philippines. The Marines filled two C-130's with supplies and troops to help aid the Philippine people. The U.S is going to give 20 million in aid to the Philippine government.

Attacks in Iraq around religious ritual kill 22
Attacks across Iraq targeting security forces and killed 21 people on Wednesday while gunmen in the former stronghold of Fallujah assassinated the city's mayor as he was supervising a clean-up project.
The deadliest among Wednesday's attacks was the one targeting a group of Shiites marking Ashoura in the city of Baqouba, a former al-Qaida stronghold. That attack killed eight people, including two children, and wounded 35, a police officer said.

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No charges against Kirkland driver who fatally struck cyclist

Snohomish County prosecutors won’t file criminal charges against a driver who fatally struck a 30-year-old cyclist last year. Policeman said the driver of the car had a seizure but was not aware of his medical condition at the time. However, they believe there is proof that the man’s driving was negligent and caused the cyclists death. The driver was written a ticket for $10,287 plus a $5,000 ticket along with court costs and fees.

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Distress Grows for Philippine Typhoon Victims Who Can’t Get Aid, or Get Out
Topic:World Issue
Typhoon Haiyan brought great devestation to the Philippines. Everyone is in complete chaos as they scramble to get food and water. Caravans of food from the Red Cross were heading to Tacloban when the storm hit. Surges of hungry people tried to hijack the vans making it unsafe to enter the city. Many civillians are trying to make it out of the Phillipines and crowding airports.

Private Donors’ Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria
Topic: Passion
Funds are getting transferred to the rebels in Syria fighting against President Bashar Al-Assad. Several campaigns are running to raise money to support them in their battle against Assad. The private donors are adding a wild card to the war in Syria. It creates a self sustaining element that levels the playing field. Some rebel leaders are using the advantage of modern technology by tweeting drop off locations. Donors have gone to all lengths to transfer money to the rebels.

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Title: Syria’s chemical arsenal: Albania’s next dirty job?
Topic: Chemical Weapons
President Bashar Assad wants his 1,300 tons of chemical agents and precursors, and 1,200 tons of unfilled munitions destroyed outside the country. The United States is searching for a country that is willing to take the toxic stockpile. Many countries have declined because it could provoke domestic opposition, create environmental and security problems and cost tens of millions of dollars. The United States has asked Albania because they have experience with chemical weapons but they have not made their decision yet.
Title: Body parts discovered after dog fetches human leg near Olympia
Topic: Dead Human Found
Last week, on the Nisqually Indian Reservations a dog returned home with the lower half of a human leg. The Thurston County Coroner’s Office is trying to determine the age, gender, and identity of the human remains that were found. On Sunday they began a search that involved about 30 search-and-rescue volunteer’s and dog teams. The search began at 8am and ended about 6pm. They found a rib cage, pelvis and parts of a skull including a jawbone with teeth.

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Title: 'Can't be bystanders': Combat veterans answer call to help sick, injured in Philippines
Topic: Compassion
Nineteen U.S. veterans performed search and rescue missions on Wednesday while heading to a hospital. The group that did the searches is part of "Team Rubicon", a non for profit, total of 8,000 person all volunteer group. The nineteen people who did the searches ar now aiding hundreds of sick and hurt people at an aid station in Tanauan. Meijer, one of the nineteen says, "You go for the sake of the victims - but also because you've been in a similarly trying experience and you know you're capable of going to give the help that's needed."
The article goes on to talk about each individual in the group and their backgrounds.

Title: Top Indian official under fire for controversial rape comment
Topic: Women's rights
Ranjit Sinha, the director of India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI, the equivalent to the FBI in America) said, "If you can't prevent rape, you enjoy it." This statement infuriated a lot of people. Even though Sinha apologized for his remark, Kavita Krishnan, a women's rights activist, said that Sinha should step down from his position.
Rape in India is a real problem. more than 24,000 rapes were reported in India in 2011, but the real number is said to be many times higher.

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How to help: Organizations offering relief to Typhoon Haiyan survivors
Typhoon Haiyan affected a total of 9.5 million people across the Philippines and displaced at least 600,000 when it slammed into the country on Friday. Haiyan is estimated to have destroyed about 70 to 80 percent of structures in its path as it tore into the coastal provinces of Leyte and Samar. the United States is helping aid and providing $20,000. The American Red Cross is launching a family tracing service, and 66 tons of emergency supplies are being sent from Copenhagen. Also world food programme (WFP) said it will send more than 40 tons of high energy biscuits and work with the Filipino government to help with logistics and emergency communications systems.ntherr are lots of places trying to help the people in the Philippines

Indiana woman busted for sex with teen boy multiple times
The 32 year old women got arrested on Tuesday November 12th for sleeping with a 15 year old boy. It is said that they had sex in her apartment and in the boys garage. On one occasion the boyfriend of the young boys mom peaked into the window and saw them. She was release after posting a $10,00 dollar bail. Police say she stayed in contact with the boy via Facebook and text message and wrote a love letter to him saying she wanted only him in her life and how she loved him. After court investigators say she still kept in contact and She could face between six and 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine for the sexual misconduct, as well as up to one additional year in prison and a maximum $5,000 fine for the privacy charge.

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5 rural Colorado counties vote to secede, become 51st state
So the USA may get a 51th state for a few reasons like gay marriage rights and marijuana laws. Rural areas don’t have a voice in what happens in the country. So Rural Colorado wants to become a state. It will be the size of Vermont. Also the Democrats want control of the state if it becomes one to solidify its power.

Typhoon-hit victims in Philippines plead for aid
There are people that didn’t survive the typhoon just lying on the ground. Maybe 10,000 people have died in this tragedy or maybe more. It’s one of the most powerful storms to hit land. US soldiers are passing out food and water to the people. 2 million people lost about everything they had, went into stores and took all the food and water they could after it hit.

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On how smartphones are killing compassion, Louis C.K. nails it
In truth our minds have been warped by these smartphones that every Tom, Dick and Harry has. They have taken the compassion and emotion we used to have true to ourselves; there is a destruction to our culture.
“I think these things are toxic, especially for kids,” Louis C.K stated on the show Conan. And really, do kids growing up know anything else other than this self destruction, these devices that they have with them at all times? Compassion comes down to connection, and are we making a connection when we are texting, snapchatting and tweeting each other?

Drunken French teenagers abduct a circus llama and take him on a tram ride
A group of five teenagers were arrested after drunkenly abducting a circus llama named Serge. They took him on a tour of the city's tram system, Bordeaux. '“We went in and played with the animals,” one of the five, named Mathieu, told BFM TV. “We ended up taking a llama with us.”' They originally wanted to take a zebra home, but it was too stubborn and they settled with Serge.

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The Inequality of Climate Change

Typhoon Haiyan tells us again that a cruel truth about climate change: It will hit the world’s poorest the hardest. These communities – the poor in coastal cities and on low-lying islands – are among the world’s most vulnerable to climate change and the least able to marshal the resources to adapt, a new report finds. Dr. Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, said that : “If we don’t confront climate change, we won’t end poverty.”