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2013: The Year in Photos, January - April

Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quickly

Extra: Invisible Child This is a long, interesting read. If you are interested in going into social work or gaining a deep understanding of child homelessness.

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Title: Boeing Looks Around, and a State Worries
Boeing is considering moving the production of the 777x to another state than the Everett WA factory. Boeing has 95 billion in orders for the 777x and has plans for the first deliveries by 2020. Officials say that a 2020 date does not leave enough time for anywhere other than washington to make the planes. Boeing has already moved thousands of jobs away from Washington in recent years and has said that diversification is a long-term corporate strategy. Its new 787 Dreamliners are built in South Carolina, and the company, in 2001, moved its corporate headquarters to Chicago.

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Title: Gene therapy scores big wins against blood cancers
Topic: Happiness!
Researchers have recently found a way to transform cancer patients' blood cells into "soldiers" that seek and destroy cancer. One of the most successful attempts had 5/5 adults and 19/22 children with acute lymphocytic leukemia with complete remission, meaning no more cancer. It's said that this could be the first form of gene therapy approved in the US and the first for cancer worldwide.

Title: Heirs and Heiresses of the Wealthiest People in America
Topic: Income
As a class, we've come to the unfortunate conclusion that extreme poverty is most often a cycle. In most other economic classes, income is a cycle as well; especially for those kids who have multimillionaires as parents. As of now, America has 442 billionaires. Children of the infamous Koch brothers; the founder of Dell; the Google co-founders; Nike co-founders; and even Mayor Bloomberg; will all be expecting a very large inheritance.

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6 Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well - No Bachelor's Needed
This is a good article, because these are some high paying careers that require less schooling/training. This means people can be making more money more quickly. The six jobs include; Paralegal, Computer Support Specialist, Dental Hygienist, Registered Nurse, Police Officer, and Physical Therapy Assistant.

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Title: Rising Riches: 1 in 5 in US reaches affluence
Topic: According to a recent statistic, 20% of adult US citizens will reach affluence at some point in their life, that is reaching at least $250,000 a year. In addition, due to this rising "new-rich" class, middle class jobs are becoming depleted.

Title: Raising Coca and Hopes in Bolivia
Topic: Growing Coca is now legal in Bolivia, however it is carefully controlled by the amount that is allowed to grow. Mining jobs in Bolivia are currently decreasing making agricultural jobs such as harvesting Coca highly sought after. Those who farm Coca leaves experience a higher standard of living and have a higher income, which many use to send their children to school.

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Title:Making a Difference in this Season of Giving
[[#Current Events from Dec 6 - Dec 19----Many people send their donations overseas to developing countries because they feel that their money will be spent in a way that more greatly affects peoples' lives than keeping the donations in their communities. Experts suggest that ultimately, you should donate to wherever you feel content giving money- as long as you make "sure [that] your charitable dollars are being developed effectively." People tend to donate more when they are confident in the difference they will make.]]Many people send their donations overseas to developing countries because they feel that their money will be spent in a way that more greatly affects peoples' lives than keeping the donations in their communities. Experts suggest that ultimately, you should donate to wherever you feel content giving money- as long as you make "sure [that] your charitable dollars are being developed effectively." People tend to donate more when they are confident in the difference they will make.

Title: Rising riches: 1 in 5 in US reaches affluence
"Fully 20 percent of U.S. adults become rich for parts of their lives," which heavily influences America's economy and politics.The rich in today's economy are known for their economic fragility. Numbers of affluent adults are much higher than the U.S. government has revealed- for at least a year before they turn 60, 21% of working-age adults become rich. The extreme separation of low-paid jobs and high-skilled work has left a lack of jobs for the middle class.

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GM names first female chief executive
General Motors announced Tuesday that its chief executive, Daniel F. Akerson, would retire January 15th and will be succeeded by Mary T. Barra, who would become the first woman to lead a major auto company. Barra has been working with GM since 1980 and started as a engineer student there. She worked her way up the corporate ladder to make Women's history. I think this brings a little light for humanity right Mr. Gessaman

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A distorted picture of poverty in America
There are 8 million more poor white people than poor black people, and more than 5 million more than those who identify as Latino. In reality blacks and Latinos are disproportionately poor. Statistics show 27 percent of African-Americans and 25 percent of Latinos are poor, compared to just 9 percent of whites and are disproportionately harmed by cuts to food stamps or to Medical care.

Tribe Donates $300,000 to three food banks
$100,000 dollars in cash, a donation from The Stillaguamish Tribe was given to three local food banks. The board chair of the Arlington Community Food Bank, said the charity had requested a $25,000 grant from the tribe. The tribe has always been a strong supporter of the food bank. This year has been extremely low in donations. The Stillaguamish Tribe also gives out Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas hams to food banks. This year Arlington food bank gave out 373 Thanksgiving baskets to families in need.

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**Invisible Child**- Girl in the Shadows: Dasani's Homeless Life
Topic: Child Poverty
A shocking 22,000 children in New York are homeless. Eleven year old Dasani and her family are currently facing the struggles of poverty. She is one among seven siblings living in a shelter. Sadly she has spent nearly her whole life growing up inside a system that is broken. But she is not alone, nearly half of New York is living close to or below the poverty line.The staggering effects of growing up in poverty has created a vicious cycle. Both of Dasani's parents are unemployed and battling drug addictions. Her will to survive unveils a rattling story.

School Librarian Helps Students Struggling With Reading
Topic: Faith in Humanity
Everyday after school, Dinora Artega, holds a reading program to help children along with their parents. The majority of the children come from Spanish-speaking homes who are having difficulty with reading. Dinora spends every day helping these children pass into the next grade. Many of them wouldn't be able to pass on without this program. Dinora also sets aside time to help children who are struggling more than others.

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Title: 18 LA Sheriffs officials charged in Jail probe
Topic: Officers Charged in jail probe
A man went to Men’s Central Jail to talk about his inability to visit his brother. An officer handcuffed the man and took him into a room that has no windows or public access. The officer threw him against a refrigerator and fractured his arm. They put the man in jail for five days, and then he was released without being charged. The investigation into corruption and civil rights abuses led to arresting 16 of the 18 sheriff officials, 13 pleaded not guilty and two no longer work for the department.

Title: PA. Student’s robotic arm can make you stronger
Topic: Robotic Arm
An engineering student at The University of Pennsylvania created a robotic arm that will help you carry an additional 40 pounds. It is a battery powered arm brace attached to a back pack. The final product cost less than $2,000 and weighs 18 pounds. Titan arm has won the $10,000 Intel Cornell Cup USA and the $65,000 James Dyson award.

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Title: Most Influential Adult at Trinity High School? The Janitor.
Topic: Feel good bout the world article
Charles Clark, a custodian at Trinity High School in Texas received the "LifeChanger of the Year" award. He received this great honor because he was there for countless kids in need of a father figure. He goes beyond what his job title requires him to do. All the students that attend know who he is. He goes out of his way to buy clothing and shoes for students, he has provided transportation to jobs, and he even provided students with a place to stay when they needed it. Mr. Clark was awarded with ten thousand dollars, five of which he donated to Trinity High School.

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Jobs/ possible loss of jobs
Boeing Looks Around, and a State Worries
The Boeing company in Everett may be in jeopardy. There is uncertainty about where they are taking the 777x. This will put tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in wages and taxes are at stake. Many different places have been bousting about can do attitides and even Missouri last week delivered a $1.7 billion Christmas gift should Boeing come their way. Workers themselves are still saying there is no place that knows how to build airplanes like Washington.

Good things about the human race
Obama Reaches Out to Cuba’s Leader, but the Meaning May Elude Grasp
President Obama shook hands with President Raúl Castro of Cuba on Tuesday, offering a friendly gesture freighted with symbolism to one of America’s most enduring Cold War foes. Mr. Obama talked about the need for trust and reconciliation and forgiveness. He was talking about Mr. Mandela, widely known by his clan name, Madiba, but his remarks might also apply to the diplomatically frozen relationship between the United States and Cuba. Mr. Obama hinted that he was seeking a world not defined by old animosities.

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Kelly Nixon Mayr from Colorado has five biological children, has fostered several special-needs kids, and now has two adopted children; a troubled teenager and a two year old girl who was born drug-exposed and clubfooted. Kelly and her husband take these children in because they know that others won’t.

The earlier children are released from foster care and put out on their own, the less likely they are to attend college. A Chicago study showed that states where the youth can stay in foster care until their 21st birthday are incredibly more likely to have completely at least one year of college.

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Tensions Rise as Indiana Schools Chief and Governor Clash Over New Agency
In Indianapolis the superintendent education Glenda Ritz and board members want control of the education policies. The separation of the department of education and the board came in May. They made superintendent Ritz step down. The state is one of 10 that don’t have a superintendent. The state tested scores weren’t giving out at the right time and it was taking too long. So the lawsuit on it was dismissed.

New school data shows surprising stars

Washington released new data of student growth measurement. So if your school is ranked really high in performance but it’s really not at all. The schools are really scaled on how high your peers scores. They only pick the highest scores to be scaled on, not all the scores together.

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Spies Infiltrate a Fantasy Realm of Online Games
Not limiting their activities to the earthly realm, American and British spies have infiltrated the fantasy worlds of World of Warcraft and Second Life, conducting surveillance and scooping up data in the online games played by millions of people across the globe, according to newly disclosed classified documents. The maker of World of Warcraft, said that neither the N.S.A. nor its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, had gotten permission to gather intelligence in its game.

Without Notice, Putin Dissolves a News Agency
President Vladimir V. Putin exerted new control over Russia’s state news media on Monday, dissolving by decree one of Russia’s official news agencies, RIA Novosti.