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U.S. might kill American terror suspect
The Obama Administration is debating on killing an American citizen because of he is suspected with plotting attacks on the U.S. with Al Qaeda.
There must be an imminent danger and no reasonable prospect of capturing the man before any action can be carried out to kill the man. I feel that since he is of Eastern Decent (not white) he is being a little raced against, if he were a white American he might have a better chance of not dying, but would still die.

Retired lawyer killed after package sent to home explodes
A 74 year old retired lawyer got a random package sometime last week and exploded. He died and his 72 year old wife was very badly injured.
The FBI, U.S. postal inspectors, the Department of Homeland Security and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are also investigating. This made the neighbors in the little town in Tennessee very scared to open their own mailboxes.

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An American Family Returns to the Table
Cheerio's released a new commercial portraying a biracial family, with a white mother, a black father, and a biracial daughter. This interracial family angered some people, who commented on the YouTube video of the commercial using angry, racist language. Cheerios disabled commenting, though there was a remarkable number of positive feedback on Cheerios Facebook page. This led to a sequel commercial, aired during the Superbowl.

Kansas Senate Leader Says Anti-Gay Bill Will Not Pass
On Wednesday February 12, 2014 Kansas passed a bill for businesses to deny same-sex couples service, due to religious beliefs. On Friday February 14, the Kansas Senate stated they would not pass a bill that would prevent lawsuits against someone who denies service to gays and lesbians. Susan Wagle, Senate President, said that the bill passed Wednesday "went farther then protected religious freedom."

This connects the contemporary America, because gay rights is becoming a increasingly debated in this day and age.

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Florida shooter saw black, thought 'threat'

The 47 year old Michael Dunn gunned down the black teen Jordan Davis,17. Dunn asked Jordan and the other African American kids in the Car to turn the music down. Dunn was feeling threat and shoot 10 times. He didn’t call the police after that. He thinks he is a survivor not a murder.
In "Stand your Ground" states 34% of resulting homicides like this one are justifiable, If shooter is balck and victim white only 3%.


Gouverneur Jay Inslee Issuing a moratorium on the death penalty for the rest of his time as Gov. He said he decided that after moths of review and meetings. There are 18 States they don’t have the death plenalty. Death Plenalty is more expansive than life in Prison without parole. Moratorium means that its still a law in the books. So if circumstances warrant the obligates county prosecutors still can use it.

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Michael Sam's farther had strong reaction to news his son is gay
Sunday NFL prospect Michael Sam says on live television that he is gay. Michael told reporters "I told my teammates that I was gay in August and they were proud and excited for me and accepted me for who I am." On Feb. 4 Sam SR. was a Denny's
eating dinner for his birthday. Sam SR. then received a text from his son Michael Sam says "dad, I'm gay." Michael then told reporters that he stopped eating he left and went to have some drinks and said "I'm and old-school guy I am a guy that like women." Sam SR. said he even took his oldest son to Mexico just so he could lose his virginity. Sam SR. told reporters also "I don't approve of my son being gay and going to play in the NFL."

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College Football Player Becomes Openly Gay

On February 9th, 2014, coaches from the University of Missouri split their football team up into small groups, and proceeded to ask the groups minor personal questions--such as where they were born or certain things the team might not know about them--as a team building exercise. When it was Michael Sam's (the defensive lineman of the team) turn, he was asked to tell the team something they might not know about him. In turn, he answered, "I'm gay." No one on the team was surprised, though. The only thing Michael did was confirm their suspicions. After that, his teammates voted him as "Missouri's Most Valuable Player." Michael Sam plans to be the first openly gay football player in the NFL.

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SPD lawsuit over racial slur settled for $150K (Race in America)
This article is a perfect example on discriminatory policing by the Seattle police department. In this instance a Seattle police department a deputy, during a robbery investigation, threatened to beat the "Mexican piss" out of this particular subject. The two officers involved in this ordeal had little to no consequence, officer Cobane, a decorated officer of the law, happened to get 30 days suspension for his racially discriminatory language and was demoted to officer from gang detective.

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Anchor found off Whidbey Island may solve 200-year-old mystery
In 2008 a man named Doug Monk was gathering sea cucumbers off in the Puget sound when his air hose got stuck on something at the bottom of the sea. Doug followed the hose to see what it was stuck on, when he found a massive arm of an old ship anchor. Some experts believe that the anchor is one from a 200 year old voyage mad by Capt George Vancouver in 1792. For year some disagree but as of February after looking at some tests they think that is the anchor from the 1792 voyage.

[[#Honoring Washington's African-Americans | Kitsap Week]]Honoring Washington's African-Americans | Kitsap Week
[[#Honoring Washington's African-Americans | Kitsap Week--Kitara lives in Eastern Washington. she was once a first lady of the black disciples, a gang in Chicago known for its violence. when she was in the gang she nearly died.she traded her life in the gang to go into the military. she also ended up going to college and has a career with Department of Veterans Affairs. Johnson will be given a award at the Washington state African-american achievement awards held on feb. 15th at Bremerton high school from 4:30-8p.m.]]Kitara lives in Eastern Washington. she was once a first lady of the black disciples, a gang in Chicago known for its violence. when she was in the gang she nearly died.she traded her life in the gang to go into the military. she also ended up going to college and has a career with Department of Veterans Affairs. Johnson will be given a award at the Washington state African-american achievement awards held on feb. 15th at Bremerton high school from 4:30-8p.m.

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Southeast shivers, slides under winter storm
A huge winter storm hit Georgia on Wednesday, with a mix of Ice, rain, and snow. A total of 3/4 of an inch of ice is on the roads with snow now falling over the top of the ice. This will make any sort of travel extremely difficult. This storm is moving Northeast expecting to hit Washington D.C. hard, they should see about 4-6 inches of snow, whereas New York is expecting 8-10 inches of snow. Over 244,000 People are without power across the Southeastern coast.

Lawmakers to NFL: Change Redskins' name, or else
Democratic senator Maria Cantwell (head of Indian affairs Committee) told the New York Times that NFL must take action or else she will have legislators review leagues tax exempts. The NFL can longer ignore this and need to make actions for the Redskins. A Redskins spokesperson speaks for them and asks "why not you worry about more important things like, the war in Afghanistan, or healthcare, or poverty in America, why waste time and money n something that isnt a big deal in America

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School discipline rules encourage racial discrimination
The article talks about how schools are now disciplining minority students more so than the white student body. " The Departments of Education and Justice have teamed up to make the lives of students in tough neighborhoods even tougher." They talk about how the Obama administration's guidelines to combat discrimination, will actually only worsen the situation at hand.

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate
(YouTube Video)
Everyone knows Bill Nye the Science Guy, but you may not know he had a debate with a guy named Ken Ham. Ken Ham is a creationist, which means he believes that a higher power created people. Nye is an evolutionist, which means that he believes that we evolved from other life-forms. They argued about things like how viable the Ark was to hold that many animals, and things like carbon dating and where fossils are found in rock layers.

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The Trader Joe's Racism Scandal No One Is Talking About

In Portland, Oregon, a black neighborhood rejected plans to build a Trader Joe's because it might result in gentrification. Several blogs talked about that black activists wanted to keep out whites. But If the races were switched, whites would be called 'racists' and media would be calling them out. Last week Conservative News argued, "Why is it considered perfectly normal for residents of a black neighborhood to want to keep their neighborhood black? If the races had been reversed, the media would be denouncing the Portland African American Leadership Forum as the Ku Klux Klan."

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