What: Newspaper
Time Period: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s
Who: Collaborative Groups of 3-4
Due: Thursday, January 23rd

For this assignment you will explore on the events and interests of your assigned decade, or years (1960-1969), as if it encompassed one day in history. The assignment MUST be completed collaboratively – plan your desired outcome well. Your newspaper will make full use of both sides of two poster boards and will be graded on the following qualities:
  • Layout
  • Articles
  • Knowledge gained
  • Spelling/proof-reading
  • Articles purpose and supporting details
  • Who, What, When, Why, and How
  • Bylines
  • Editorials: worthiness
  • Graphics
  • Content Accuracy
  • Title

The newspaper must include the following sections:
  • Editorials
  • Crime Blotter
  • Advertisements: Slogan, price, graphic
  • News Articles (local and regional; national or international should focus on impact/relationship to WA)
  • Human Interest Stories
  • Political Cartoons

The following suggestions are not required of your newspaper, however, might add some depth:
  • Book Review
  • Fads
  • Sports
  • Movies/Stars/Music/Television
  • Anything else relevant to your decade

Remember all the pieces of the newspaper must occur within the assigned decade and be factual (advertisements may stretch a bit). This assignment must look like a real newspaper, not a poster project. Any “poster projects” will be graded down accordingly.

Newspapers will be presented to the class on January 23rd and 24th.

Reflection: After your group has completed your newspaper, answer the following questions individually and on a separate sheet of paper:

  • Why was so much attention paid to this period?
  • Explain how this decade differed from the decades that came before of followed (2000s, use the 1980s and 1990s).
  • Analyze how this decade impacted life today.
  • What did you learn during the construction of this newspaper that you might not have learned through simply reading the textbook.
  • Was this era a period in which you would have been comfortable living? Why or why not?
  • How well did your group work together?
  • Did one person do more or less work than others? If so, why did the group allow this to occur?
  • If you were required to complete this project again, what would you change? What would you keep the same?