James Cook:
  • third voyage was to discover the pacific northwest.external image 524px-captain-james-cook.jpg
  • he sailed from Portsmouth in 1776 in two ships, the Discovery and the Resolution.
  • once he reached the Hawaiian islands he made his way to north to explore the northwest coast of America 43˚ N latitude up to the Arctic Sea above 70˚ N latitude to establish the existence-of a northwest passage providing a sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • Cook and his officers compiled the first truly accurate rendering of the coast of North America well up into the Arctic Circle.
  • He returned to the Hawaiian Islands in the winter of 1778–1779 and was killed in Kealakekua Bay on Valentine’s Day 1779.
  • His officers and men returned to the Arctic Ocean in 1779 and then sailed down the east coast of Asia.
  • Once Cook had discovered it, Nootka Sound became well known and often used because of its easy and unencumbered entrance from the Pacific and its sheltered position.
  • the English and American fur traders used Nootka Sound both as a trading station.