The Swinomish tribe is located on the southeastern end of Fidalgo Island a few miles east of the City of Anacortes and a few miles west of the City of Mount Vernon in Skagit County.

Major Language

The Swinomish tribe speaks Lushutseed, a variant of the wider Salish language.

Personal Clothing

Diet and/or Food Sources

The tribe fished for Salmon and shellfish, gathered berries and hunted for game; such as

Types of Shelter

The Swinomish people built loghouses of Cedar for Shelter.

Modes of Transportation

Economic Activities

Religious Beliefs

The Swinomish practiced the Roman Catholic Faith.

Special Ceremonies

Tools and Implements/ Weapons

The Swinomish used reef nets, drift nets and tidal traps, weirs, hooks and line, trawl nets and beach seines, harpoons, leisters and gaff-hooks in order to catch fish, marine waterfowl and sea mammals.

Recreation and Games

They have an annual Swinomish Days where they have a 3-on-3 Tournament, traditional stick games, a big drum Pow Wow, and War Canoe Races! As well as Youth Activities.

Unique Characteristics

Social Organization

Attitude toward Child Rearing

The Swinomish people raise their children with these thoughts in mind, "How will our decisions affect the next seven generations? We make decisions based on our belief that "we are as permanent as the soil" and "our grandparents' blood rights and our children's sovereignty are found in our lands, waters and resources". The decisions we make and actions we take uphold our way of life." (