Assignment 5.1: Washington State in WWII

Your textbook.
World War II Home Front on Puget Sound - Historylink
1940-1945 Timeline Articles - Historylink

Collect evidence and answer the following questions:
1. Review: Summarize the events that led to the outbreak of WWII in Europe.

2. Review: Summarize the events that led to the United States' involvement in WWII.

3. What natural resources were available in the PNW that made it important for the war effort?

4. How did the building projects of the New Deal contribute to the region's "war readiness"?

5. What industries grew or started in Washington State as a result of WWII? Describe at least four in detail.

6. How did Washington contribute to the construction of the atomic bomb?

Create a page in your digital portfolio that conveys the key information you learned above.

Sections should include:

/ 10 Discussion of Natural Resources
/ 15 Discussion of New Deal Contributions (3x5 points each)
/ 30 Discussion of Industrial Development (4x7.5 points each)
/ 10 Discussion of atomic bomb contributions
/ 15 Includes at least five captioned photographs (5x3 points each)
/ 10 Correct citations or links for all non-textbook resources
/ 10 Neatly designed and attractive (uses headers, aligns embedded images, etc.)

Total: 100 points

Extra Credit 5.2: Japanese Internment

What implications does Japanese internment have for American ideals (democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, equality)?
How should the lessons of Japanese internment influence our thinking on social and political issues today?

Write a letter to the editor, your congressman, community leader, the filmmaker, or other appropriate person expressing your feelings.

  • Uses specific details and dates to make specific claims.
  • Gives at least two examples of government or individual actions related to Japanese Internment
  • Compares or contrasts government or individual actions during internment to current events.
  • Relates each of those actions to American ideals.
  • Is in proper, professional letter format.
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Written to an appropriate person (i.e. they would find the letter meaningful or helpful)

Assignment 5.3: Seattle World's Fair

1. Describe the purpose of the Century 21 Exposition held in Seattle in 1962.
To Predict the future for transportation, the telephone and what the city and urban setting would look like in the 21 century.
2. Imagine you were in Seattle in 1962: What fair-related events, celebrities, or happenings would people on the street be talking about?
People would be talking about the creation of the space needle,
3. Did the Century 21 Exposition accurately predict the world of the 21st century? To support your claim, provide side-by-side evidence (artifact from the fair, artifact from today) to substantiate your claim. Identify at least 5 predictions and provide paired evidence.