The Yakima Indians are an Indian tribe in northwest Washington State. The Yakima's live on a reservation that belongs to them and is under their control. They lived mostly in the plains and mountain valleys of eastern Washington depending on the season. They survived by building mud huts and tepees. They hunted buffalo, antelope, and other game.


The Yakima tribe resided mostly in the valleys around the cascade mountain range in eastern Washington.yakama-map.png


The Yakima language comes from a Penutian language group from the western plateau of Washington. This language group was once a wide-spread language that was spoken by most natives of the area, now only a handful of Yakima and Klickitat now speak this language.


The men would wear breech clouts with leggings and short buckskin shirts with patterns of holes punched into them along with spiritual paintings. Women would wear buckskin dresses decorated with beads and quillwork. The woman and men would also wear moccasins for shoes in the cold weather along with hats and fur robes.

Diet and/or Food sources:

The Yakama Indian people relied on fishing and hunting as their main food sources, so there main source of food was fish, deer, elk and small game. The women were in charge of collecting nuts, vegetables, roots, and assorted berries for their fruit.1910%20Celilo%20Falls.jpg

Types of shelter:

Their types of shelters were mostly mud huts and tepees, the mud houses were made out of hand molded mud and grass bricks, and the tepees were made out of animal skins such as buffalo, antelope, deer, and elk with wood sticks as a frame.

Modes of Transportation:

The Yakima tribes would walk short distances and rode horses for long journeys, and in many cases they where very skilled in horsemanship.


Religious Beliefs:

The Yakama Indians believed that certain people could have the power of the spirits, and only at certain times. They also thought God had many other forms and watched over them at all times, one thing they did was they would make dream catchers to keep away bad dreams because they believed them to be evil spirits. Many people where cast away from the tribe because they where believed to be worshiping the devil and his practices.

Special ceremonies:

The Yakima tribe had a 18 foot modern totem pole that has been blessed by a Yakima tribe shaman, the pole travels all over the Washington state and people take pictures with it and kids often climb on it.

Unique Customs:

The Yakama tribes would tell old stories about their heritage and they would tell fairy tails to their kids, they also did dances in order to honor their fallen warriors and gods.

pow-wow dance

Tools and Implements:

Bones were made into knives and they used bark off of trees a to make spoons.


They used bone knives, bows and arrows, spears, and fishing nets.

Social Organization:

Attitude Toward Child Rearing:

They let their children play but the kids have chore like tasks and are taught to hunt and to store food for winter by their fathers.

Trade and Commerce: